We offer tours in these languages:

Dutch – Nederlands

Jan (John) Romme

Jan (John) Romme is a native Dutch speaker with over 7 years of experience in delivering public talks and presentations. You can book all his Dutch tours via this website:

Jan Romme is een Nederlandstalige speker met ruim 7 jaar ervaring in het geven van lezingen en houden van presentaties. Alle Nederlandse tours van Jan kun je boeken via zijn website:

Arabic – العربية

Aden Stam

Aden Stam is fluent in English as well as Dutch, but we are more than anything grateful for his efforts in delivering tours in Arabic 🙏

To sign up for future tours please fill out this form:

Spanish – Español

Victoria Lizarazo

Victoria has over 5 years of experience with delivering tours in the British Museum and she is fluent in English and Spanish. Together with her husband Niels, she lives in London where she also conducts in person tours in said museum. Please sign up here.

Victoria tiene más de 5 años de experiencia realizando recorridos en el Museo Británico y habla inglés y español con fluidez. Junto a su esposo Niels vive en Londres donde también realiza visitas presenciales en dicho museo. Regístrese aquí.

Italian – Italiano

Laura Tezzon

Laura is fluent in English and Italian and live translates and delivers tours in Italian 😁 Please sign up for one of her upcoming tours here:

Laura è fluente in inglese e italiano e traduce in tempo reale e fornisce tour in italiano 😁 Iscriviti a uno dei suoi prossimi tour qui:

Romanian – Românesc

Carina Linda

Carina Linda is fluent in English and Romanian and live translates tours in Romanian 😁

Carina Linda vorbește fluent limba engleză și română și traduce live turnee în limba română 😁

German – Deutsch

coming soon

Hopefully we will be able to offer one or more of the tours in German pretty soon. If you like to stay up to date with this development, please leave your email address here:


René Brosky

Rene is there almost every tour to set up the Zoom connection, keep the waiting rooms cozy and upbuilding, make sure none of the visitors does anything weird. He also checks the Video en Audio Quality and provides backoffice support.

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