These are all the hyperlinks that are used in tour #0 “Biblical Highlights of the British Museum”

The links are categorized based on the part of the tour that they feature in.

Being the tourists that we are, we also look at the Royal Albert Hall, The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and Buckingham palace.

We start in the Great Court of The British Museum. As we walk towards Egypt we pass the souvenir store.


Cut Throat
Other captives taken away.

Sling stones Not like David (he used smooth river bed stones).


Flute and Lyre.

Closeup of the “flood” tablet of Athrahasis and Gilgamesh.

Nabonidus Chronicle
Belshazzar was not a made up person after al.

Room 55.

Medes and Persians

United (Kingdom, States, Nations)

Codex Sinaiticus
Bible from around 350.

Codex Alexandrinus
Bible from around 450.

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