FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you willing to share all of your slides? Sure. After a tour just reply to my email and i will send you a PDF file with my slides and bonus notes 😉
  • Do I have to pay for a tour? No, all tours are free to join. I, however, do make costs like my internet connection, Zoom license (about $90 per month), equipment and of course the time that it takes me to make and deliver a tour. So I really appreciate it if you would make a donation here: mybible.tours/donate
  • Can I add another connection last minute? I am sorry, but no. I pay either for 100 or for 500 Zoom connections and I try not to allow more connections in one time slot than this. If you sent the Zoom link to someone who did not sign up through this website my counting goes out of whack. Please use this sign up form to request a Zoom link: https://mybible.tours/next/
  • Can I sign up for someone else? If someone is unable to use the sign up form for herself, you can off course do so for her. Please use this sign up form to request a Zoom link: https://mybible.tours/next/
  • Is there a dress code? No. These tours are not official meetings but rather relaxed occasions. But do keep in mind, that between 200 and 500 people might look at you/into your living room when you do switch your camera on. As Jehovah’s Witnesses we always want to behave and dress in a way that is appropriate.
  • Do I have to read all the material on the reading list first? This is certainly not mandated, but I believe it will improve your enjoyment of the tour.
  • Are you (Jan) a historian/history teacher? I am very flattered when someone asks me this 😊, but no, I am a currently unemployed programmer. As a hobby I do have a great love for history though.
  • Do you have permission from the British Museum to conduct guided tour? No. And they do not require you to. It is up to anyone who wants to do so to conduct virtual tours in that museum. Also most of the artwork/pictures on their official website are free to use for non-commercial purposes. I pay great attention to comply with copyright laws of all the artwork that I use. The same goes for my use of Google Street View and Google Earth.

Jan was a delegate at the international convention of 2019 in Atlanta, USA.

I was formerly a Pl/SQL and APEX programmer (linked-in). Unfortunately I was fired recently. The upside is that I now have the time to focus on making these wonderful Bible Tours 😁.

When there is no global pandemic making it’s rounds I travel a lot and make an excessive amount of nature scenery photos.

Every other Friday or Saturday

13:00 (UTC) or 19:30 (UTC)

about 120 minutes

What others are saying:

“Hi! Thank you very much for the tour! I would be happy to receive the slides for my personal reference. Again, thank you sooo much! Your sister,” — Manila, Philippines

“Thank you very much brother Jan for the faith strengthening tour..may we request a copy of your slide presentation? Thank you very much again. Stay safe!” — USA

“Hi Jan Thank you for the tour. That was amazing and very informative. 
Looking forward for more tour and to learn more about biblical fact. 
Could I please have a copy of the slides that you used for the tour.
Thank you and hope you have a nice day.
Regards” — Philippines

” Thank you so much Brother Jan for the very informative tour. It encouraged and motivated me to look on to those articles that you mentioned in your email. I would like to request for your notes so that I can refer to it when I will personally study those world powers in detail. Again thank you and more tours to come to help other brothers understand the connection of these bible prophecies regarding world powers to Jehovah s people. Agape” — Sis Len

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