New tours and tour dates coming up 😃

Some of the upcoming English Bible Tours are: Tour #0: Biblical Highlights of the British Museum, on march 12th, 2021 Tour #1: Discoveries from ancient Egypt strengthen our faith in Jehovah, February 6th, 2021 Tour #2: The Assyrians can not exterminate Gods people, February 20th, 2021 To sign up for these tours, please fill outContinue reading “New tours and tour dates coming up 😃”

First English bible tour a great success 😊

As an experiment last December 25th I held two virtual Bible tours in the British Museum. After conducting one of my Dutch tours recently the wife of a friend of mine asked if I could please conduct the same tour again, but now in English. She and some of her friends would be able toContinue reading “First English bible tour a great success 😊”