Introduction into Egyptian history: for Jehovah’s Witnesses and friends. This tour is conducted for groups of at the most 100 Zoom connections. To make sure that we do not breach that limit we use new Zoom codes for every tour, so you can not log in again at a later tour date with the ZoomContinue reading “Egypt”

These are all the hyperlinks that are used in tour #0 “Biblical Highlights of the British Museum”

The links are categorized based on the part of the tour that they feature in. Being the tourists that we are, we also look at the Royal Albert Hall, The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and Buckingham palace. We start in the Great Court of The British Museum. As we walk towards Egypt weContinue reading “These are all the hyperlinks that are used in tour #0 “Biblical Highlights of the British Museum””

New tours and tour dates coming up 😃

Some of the upcoming English Bible Tours are: Tour #0: Biblical Highlights of the British Museum, on march 12th, 2021 Tour #1: Discoveries from ancient Egypt strengthen our faith in Jehovah, February 6th, 2021 Tour #2: The Assyrians can not exterminate Gods people, February 20th, 2021 To sign up for these tours, please fill outContinue reading “New tours and tour dates coming up 😃”

First English bible tour a great success 😊

As an experiment last December 25th I held two virtual Bible tours in the British Museum. After conducting one of my Dutch tours recently the wife of a friend of mine asked if I could please conduct the same tour again, but now in English. She and some of her friends would be able toContinue reading “First English bible tour a great success 😊”