Reading list for the Media and Persia tour

At the time of writing, a new Media-Persia tour is planned for March 19th at 20:00 Central European Time (that is 19:00 in Great Britain). If you like to sign up for this tour you can do so via this link:

To be able to better enjoy all the discussed information in this tour we suggest you read these articles in advance.

The “Insight in the Scriptures” articles:

Okay, let’s be honest: you could have guessed those articles yourself, right? But could you also haves guessed that the following articles are relevant to understand the Median and Persian history?

Again from the “insight” articles:

Many more interesting articles can be found in the index, especially about Persia.

The article “The Scythians – A mysterious people of the past” is well worth a read.

I would be remiss not to mention the beautiful article from the series “A book you can trust” about these peoples, titled “Medo-Persia in Bible History“.

As always, you can book this Zoom tour via the booking section on this website.

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