Reading list for the “Assyria” tour

In tour #2 “The Assyrians can not exterminate Gods people” we make another journey back in time.

We meet the very first Assyrians, long before they became infamous, and we take a closer look at their religion and culture. We might even find out some things about them which may surprise us!

To give you a chance to inform yourself and your family (maybe during family worship?) so that you can even better enjoy this tour we provide you with a reading list, based on articles from the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, JW.ORG:

It is not necessary to read these articles but it will increase you knowledge and enjoyment of the tour and it will help you understand the discussed points quicker 😀

If you have not signed up for a date and time of this Assyria tour yet, you can do so here:

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