Reading list for the “Egypt” tour

This is the reading list for tour #1 “Discoveries from ancient Egypt strengthen our faith in Jehovah”

In this tour of Egypt we will briefly walk through some isles in The British Museum. Also we will conduct a world map by using Google Earth to picture ourselves in the bible lands and get an impression of the distances and locations of worshipers of old.

This tour is about 1:45 hours (with a short break in the middle) and will strengthen our faith by highlighting finds from Egypt. This land is the first of the “8 kings” that are explained in the Watchtower study article of the June 15th, 2012.

Other sources for this tour include the following articles from

It is not necessary to read all this material (or discuss it during family worship), but if you do, it will help you remember and understand even better the places and artifacts that we will discuss.

If you have not signed up for this “Egypt” tour yet, you can easily do so here:

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