Reading list for the “Biblical Highlights” tour

This is the accompanying reading list for the tour “Biblical Highlights of the British Museum”

During this tour we will stroll through London with the help of Google Earth and look at a few tourist attractions. But mostly we will spend time in the British Museum, sometimes with the help of Google Street View. Also, we will consult a world map to help us form a picture of where Biblical places and lands are.

This tour will briefly visit and discuss the 8 biblical “world powers” as discussed in the watchtower of June 15th 2012.

Other information in this tour is derived from articles on that are freely accessible, such as the series “A book you can trust.

More background information can be found in these articles:

It is not necessary to read these articles (or study them together in the weekly family worship), but doing so will increase your understanding of what is show and discussed during the tour 😃


To help you (and/or your children) to focus we provide worksheets that you can fill out during the tour.

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