Book your next tour here

Dear friends, we are noticing a sharp decrease in interest in zoom tours. Therefor we have decided to stop conducting tours for individual signed up persons. If you would like to book a tour for a group of friends or your congregation and if you have at least 50 participants you may contact us by emailing at to make a private reservation for a tour and date/time of your choosing.

You can choose from a range of current and upcoming tours in the British Museum, The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Check the details below for more information. Some tours are not “in” a museum but use other graphics and movie clips to give you the best experience 😊

#3 Babylon

Where language, religion and the art of writing originate.

#4: Medes and Persians

Just another foe from the East, or protecters of God’s People?

#5: Greece

How an amazing prophecy was fulfilled.

4 thoughts on “Book your next tour here

  1. Hi brother Jan! I want to pay a little for the tour. How can I do that?
    Bente, Norway from the english Wt group.


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